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catherinesmith.jpg Catherine Smith, of Bloomington, Indiana, taught piano at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston for nearly forty years, chairing the music department and the council on graduate studies, in addition to serving on numerous university boards and committees. Smith also served as president of the Illinois State MTA for two years, as well as occupying numerous other MTNA leadership roles. Although retired from teaching at EIU, Smith remains musically active, continuing to adjudicate, present workshops and perform.
pattuley.jpg Pat Tuley was an independent music teacher for 36 years until her retirement in 1996. Since that time she has remained professionally involved in the Hattiesburg Music Teachers League (HMTL), the Mississippi Music Teachers Association (MMTA), and Music Teachers National Association. She was chair of the MTNA National Certification Commission, and in this position Pat was instrumental in the development of an MTNA professional certification philosophy, teaching standards, a certification portfolio and a procedural plan for the operation of the program. As a member of the MTNA Board of Directors during the 1998–2000 biennium, she served as chair of the ad hoc committee that revised the current MTNA Professional Certification Program. Pat has served as president of MTNA's Southern Division, MMTA and HMTL. She holds a music degree from Murray State University and is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM).