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PURPOSE: To provide “seed funds,” of up to $5,000, to assist in the creation of application materials that can lead to larger funding from other organizations. Program Development Grants support Pillar One of the MTNA mission: “Engage the Public,” by supporting programs/activities designed to “increase the number of all people making and teaching music.”


  • Any music-related nonprofit may apply.
  • Proposed project must occur during the grant year (July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023).
  • Funds are to be used for the development of promotional materials (for example, website, marketing videos, brochures), grant proposals or other materials/documents required to make a compelling case for larger funding from other organizations.This grant is not intended to provide operating funds for a program.
  • Only one application per organization should be submitted.
  • Final reports for any previous MTNA grants have been submitted.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 3:00 p.m., Eastern Time, May 4, 2022.

The ideal applicant organization has an existing program that:

  • Has a history of success in creating new music makers
  • Reaches adult learners as well as young people
  • Is not solely “achievement-based” (that is, designed to encourage life-long music participation rather than high-level performance)
  • Can be reproduced in other places with other leadership
  • Is capable of attracting greater funding from larger organizations

An applicant organization does not have to meet all the above criteria to be awarded a Program Development Grant. Any organizations with innovative new programs are encouraged to apply.


  • Quality (30 points)—Project is well thought out and demonstrates, supports or promotes the creation of new music makers. Project is focused on developing materials to be used for applying for larger funding from other foundations.
  • Implementation (30 points)—Applicant demonstrates ability to successfully design and implement the project. This might include documented planning, leadership, financial management and/or timeline.
  • Benefit/Impact (40 points)—Applicant articulates how the organization will benefit from the project and the impact that the project will have on future funding from other foundations and ultimately on the creation of new music makers. Project will “engage the public” by supporting programs/activities designed to “increase the number of all people making and teaching music.”


  • Amount of funding requested.
  • Brief description of organization, including mission statement, organizational impact. (250 words max)
  • Description of how funds will be used, including exactly how this project will enable the organization to approach larger funding entities. (250 words max)
  • Anticipated sources of larger funding. (Provide name of source and amount that will be requested.)
  • Organization website.

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Grant Applications Are Now Available

The MTNA Foundation Fund is committed to keeping America’s musical future alive for future generations through the Grants program. A variety of grants are available to MTNA members and non-members alike, as well as affiliate organizations.

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